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PRO PUBLIC, a non-profit, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the cause of public interest, was founded in 1991 by a consortium of environmental lawyers, journalists, economists, engineers, consumers and women rights activists. It raises voice against corruption, red tapism and irregularities and makes the government bodies aware of their duties and responsibilities. Its focus over the years has been on good governance, protection of natural and cultural heritage, environmental justice, pollution control, gender justice and consumer protection. Pro Public has consistently succeeded in creating government accountability in Nepal through media campaigns, advocacy, negotiation, correspondence and public interest litigation.


Play the role of a social change agent to empower the Nepalese people through research, advocacy, litigation and capacity building.


Nepalese people’s basic rights are guaranteed through social, economic, environmental and political justice.


To act as watchdog in the areas of environment conservation, consumer rights, women rights and child welfare, by way of alternative dispute resolution, negotiations and litigation.

To increase government and private sector accountability and transparency through good governance advocacy and judicial activities.
To conduct research aimed at solving contemporary public interest issues.
To enhance the capacities of local and grassroots organizations through training, seminars, workshops and other means of information dissemination.
  Ongoing Projects

Public Interest Litigation

Community Mediation Program - The Asia Foundation

Civil Peace Service Program (CPSP) - GIZ

Support for Capacity Building of the Local Dialogue Facilitation and Organizations, Establishment and Sustainability of Dialogue Centers for Peace Building - Nepal Peace Trust Fund


  Recently Accomplished Projects

Support for Capacity Building of the Local Dialogue Facilitation and Organizations, Establishment and Sustainability of Dialogue Centers for Peace Building - STPP/GIZ

National Capacity Development Institute-World Bank

Gender Responsive Electoral Process-UN Women

  Previous Projects (After 2005)
Good Governance Program
Community Dialogues and Round Table Meetings: Central Level Follow-up Strategy
Assistance to Mandate Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Urban Areas
The Access Initiative (TAI) Nepal
Witnessing Climate Injustice and Legal Campaign
Drafting Shadow Consitution in Perspective of Women' Human Rights and Gender Equality
Coalition for Constituent Assembly Support (CoCAS)
Strengthening Civil Society and its Organization for Social & Political Transformation in Kalikot,Mugu, Humla and Dolpa of Karnali Zone
Linkage between Trade, Development and Poverty Reduction

Civil Society Anti-Corruption Project (CSACP)

Farmers' Right Program

Defining the Public Agenda and Strengthening Constituncies for Peace and Reform in Nepal

Gender Equality and Judicial Education Project

Gender Sensitization Program for Law Enforcement agency

Advocacy Through Leadership Development Project

Strengthening Access to Justice for Women, Poor and Marginalized through Public Interest Litigations
Public Debate on Issues Surrounding the Constituent Assembly
Civil Society Support Project to the Governance Reform Program
Leaders Listen to the Voice of People
Preparation for Civil Society Observation of the Constituent Assembly Election in Nepal (Pro Public's Participation in the National Election Monitoring Alliance)

GAMIP Summit, Switzerland

Advanced Training on Mediation

Peace event, Surkhet

Gender Responsive Electoral process

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