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PRO PUBLIC, a non-profit, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the cause of public interest, was founded in 1991 by a consortium of environmental lawyers, journalists, economists, engineers, consumers and women rights activists. It raises voice against corruption, red tapism and irregularities and makes the government bodies aware of their duties and responsibilities. Its focus over the years has been on good governance, protection of natural and cultural heritage, environmental justice, pollution control, gender justice and consumer protection. Pro Public has consistently succeeded in creating government accountability in Nepal through media campaigns, advocacy, negotiation, correspondence and public interest litigation.

Nepal is a signatory to the Rio Declaration and is therefore obliged to implement Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration.  In order to improve the implementation of access rights (access to information, participation and access to justice) in Nepal, an assessment of the current laws, practices and institutions are required.  There has also been significant civil society intervention in projects which have led to varied reactions from the State Agencies as well the project proponents. It is being felt that although implementation of Principle 10 is far from satisfactory, there is no verifiable data to prove the lack of implementation of Principle 10 in letter and spirit. An assessment would to that extend greatly help in understanding legal and institutional shortcomings towards the effective implementation. It is through such an assessment gaps in access laws, institutions and practices can be identified and targeted for advocacy and reforms.  Pro Public a national level NGO working for the protection of public Interest is acting as the lead TAI Nepal secreteriate and leading the TAI reasearh and assessment.


Public Interest Litigation

Good Governance Program

Civil Society Anti-Corruption Project

Framer's Rights Program

Defining the Public Agenda and Strengthening Constituncies for Peace and Reform in Nepal

Linkage between Trade, Development and Poverty Reduction

Gender Equality and Judicial Education Project

Community Mediation Program

Gender Sensitization Program for Law Enforcement agency

Advocacy Through Leadership Development Project

Strengthening Access to Justice for Women, Poor and Marginalized through Public Interest Litigations
Care and Maintenance of Individual Cases in Nepal
Public Debate on Issues Surrounding the Constituent Assembly

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